A hack and slash would be worth­less with­out swarms of blood­thirsty mon­sters. Through­out your jour­ney you will encounter a great vari­ety of oppo­nents, each requir­ing dif­fer­ent approach.

Vicious rabid wolves cir­cle around you and bite you when you’re most vulnerable.

Gob­lin shamans use dark magic spells to attack you from the distance.

Mas­sive taran­tu­las rip your flesh off with their enor­mous jaws, while giant white trolls are so pow­er­ful, that they don’t have to use any fancy tac­tics. They just storm and crush you.

You can never feel safe…

monster Demonic crystal

monster Gargoyle

monster Ghul


monster Undead troll

monster Parasite

monster White troll


monster mantis

monster Spider

Man­tis White troll Undead troll GhulGar­goyleDemonic crys­tal Par­a­siteGob­linSpi­der